Traxxas Nitro Sport’s EZ Start




Traxxas The Nitro Sport’s EZ Start™
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Ready to Run with Remote Control

The Nitro Sport’s EZ Start™ system makes nitro as easy as pushing a button! Pour in the fuel, plug in the battery pack, and push the button. It’s that simple! The EZ Start takes care of the rest. It even ignites your glow plug for you! We know you like to go fast, so the Nitro Sport breaks the rules with fire-breathing 2.5cc 2.5 h.p. nitro power.

It’s complete with the machined aluminum head, ABC construction, ball-bearing crankshaft, high-flow porting, and tuned pipe. The new carburetor design eliminates tuning guesswork by using a single mixture adjustment needle.

It’s specially engineered for quick starts, smooth idle, and blazing acceleration! Nitro racing has never been easier! Nitro Sport is a serious driver’s machine with long-travel, four-wheel independent suspension, and precision, oil-filled Ultra Shocks™.

Nitro Sport’s sophisticated chassis combines lightweight composite materials with the engine cooling properties of T-6 aluminum. The dual-plane layout is extra rigid for consistent, rugged performance.

The 281 Nitro Magnum transmission uses ball bearings, heavy-duty gear, and a tough planetary metal-gear differential to handle the horsepower of the Traxxas TRX- engine. Nitro Sport is available ready-to-run with TQ radio. Just take it out of the box and drive, even if this is your first nitro model! We’ve taken care of the hard work for you.
• Maximum Speed 38 + mph

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