Traxxas Nirto Vee




The Traxxas Nirto Vee is the fist to feature the awesome, waveshattering speed, sound and continuous run time of a high-performance nitro boat, with the reliability and ease-of use of an electric. Only Nitro Vee has the exclusive in-line clutch system, which allows it to stop still in the water while the engine is running, and then accelerate to breakneck speed.

When close to shore, the clutch allows freedom to maneuver with the hairline precision of an electric. Nitro Vee also gives you the peace of mind of the patented RTS (Return-To-Shore) emergency power system. If you run out of fuel in the middle of the pond, a small electric motor engages the main propeller to power your boat back to you.

Nitro boating has never been more worry-free! Nitro Vee is built to perform with the water-cooled TRX Pro-15 marine engine; dual, thru-transom exhaust; and the stability of its sturdy, deep “V” hull. The steerable outdrive, racing prop, and adjustable trim angle put you in complete control as you fly across the tops of the waves. Nitro Vee is fully assembled and ready for action.

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