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The 1/8 scale Terra Crusher is huge, 30% bigger in size and engine than other trucks such as the T-Maxx.

From the depths of the earth comes the Terra Crusher! Made in the spirit of the American monster truck, Tamiya presents a pre-painted, pre-assembled off-road R/C machine, packed with a powerful engine and ultra-durable parts that let it tackle the most rugged of terrain- No roads, no problem.

Ready to Crush
The Terra Crusher comes completely pre-assembled from the inside out and comes with fuel pump and pre-adjusted .18ci (approx. 3cc) engine, all you need is a 7.2V battery pack to start the engine and fuel to run and then you’re set to crush, Terra crush that is…

2-Speed Automatic Transmission
Many features of the Terra Crusher give this machine superiority over its rivals. One feature that needs particular highlighting is the Terra Crusher’s 2-speed FRAT(forward and reverse automatic transmission). FRAT enables the Terra Crusher to adjust to a variety of terrain by switching to low and high gears when needed to effectively maximize control. FRAT also realizes smooth, controlled reverse driving!

Engine Start Method
Glow engine can be easily started by connecting electric starter (included) to model and pushing button.

Large and In-charge!
Total length: 560mm, total width: 440mm, total height: 285mm, wheel base: 360mm, weight fully equipped: approx. 5.7kg


  • Length: 560mm
  • Width: 440mm
  • Height: 285mm
  • Wheelbase: 360mm
  • Weight: 5,700 grams
  • Tire Size: 176mm/100mm
  • Wheel: 87mm x 76mm 5-Spoke w/Chrome plated
  • Tire Size: 176mm/100mm
  • Maximum Speed: 40 mph
  • Toe-in Rear: Adjustable
  • Chassis Front Skid: 8 Degrees
  • Engine: .18ci (approx. 3cc) w/ Blue Anodized Head
  • Gear Ratio:
  • FWD 1st 29.67:1 FWD 2nd 20.40:1 RWD 1st 29.67:1 RWD 2nd 20.40:1
  • Gear Module:
  • 0.8mm pitch for Spur gear and Pinion gear, 1.0mm pitch for other gears
  • Chassis: 2.5mm thickness, stamped plate, duralumin
  • Body: Pre-painted and Stickered Polycarbonate Body
  • Fuel Capacity: 150cc
  • Transmission: 2 Speed Forward and on-the-fly Reverse
  • Suspension: Double wishbone suspension for Front and Rear
  • Damper: Plastic-body, Oil-damper w/ Blue colored
  • Drive Shaft: Plastic Universal shaft for Front and Rear
  • Center Propeller Shaft: Steel propeller shaft w/ metal universal joint
  • Ball Bearing: Full ball bearings (32pcs.) including 2 one-way bearings
  • Muffler: Resin Muffler w/ Aluminum manifold
  • Brake: Ventilated double disk brake
  • Starter: Battery starter with starter unit
  • Radio: 2-channel transmitter “ADSPEC SPORTS GP”
  • Mechanics: R/C mechanics sealed in mechanical box
  • Servo Unit: High torque steering servo included (torque 9kg/cm)
  • Cooling Fan: Equipped with cooling fan

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