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Traxxas The Nitro Sport's EZ Start™ 
Retail Price $349.99
Your Price $259.99 + $25 Shipping In USA
Ready to Run with  Remote Control

The Nitro Sport's EZ Start™ system makes nitro as easy as pushing a button! Pour in the fuel, plug in the battery pack, and push the button. It's that simple! The EZ Start takes care of the rest. It even ignites your glow plug for you! We know you like to go fast, so the Nitro Sport breaks the rules with fire-breathing 2.5cc 2.5 h.p. nitro power.

It's complete with the machined aluminum head, ABC construction, ball-bearing crankshaft, high-flow porting, and tuned pipe. The new carburetor design eliminates tuning guesswork by using a single mixture adjustment needle.

It's specially engineered for quick starts, smooth idle, and blazing acceleration! Nitro racing has never been easier! Nitro Sport is a serious driver's machine with long-travel, four-wheel independent suspension, and precision, oil-filled Ultra Shocks™.

Nitro Sport's sophisticated chassis combines lightweight composite materials with the engine cooling properties of T-6 aluminum. The dual-plane layout is extra rigid for consistent, rugged performance.

The 281 Nitro Magnum transmission uses ball bearings, heavy-duty gear, and a tough planetary metal-gear differential to handle the horsepower of the Traxxas TRX- engine. Nitro Sport is available ready-to-run with TQ radio. Just take it out of the box and drive, even if this is your first nitro model! We've taken care of the hard work for you.
• Maximum Speed 38 + mph

Traxxas Nitro Rustler
Retail Price $389.99
Your Price $309.99 + $25 Shipping In USA
Ready to Run with  Remote Control

You wanted more power; now you have it. Meet Nitro Rustler, the bad boy on the block. It's the fastest RTR (ready-to-run) nitro truck ever made! Nitro Rustler throws the rule book out the window with the insane horsepower of its 2.5cc, 2.5 h.p. race engine. It just might be too much power for a 1/10 scale truck, but that's what you asked for!

To handle the extra power, everything has been over-built to maximum specifications. The transmission uses super heavy-duty gears and full ball bearings for high-rpm, high-power action.

The faster top speeds required a strong disc brake to halt the beast. The rigid T-6 aluminum chassis, smoother Ultra Shocks™, and the legendary SRT racing suspension provide top-notch handling and control.

The TRX 2.5cc, 2.5 h.p. engine features a machined aluminum head; grooved, oil-ring piston; high-flow porting; and big-bore carburetor. In response to an overwhelming request, the Nitro Rustler now also features the EZ-Start, one-button electric starting system. Nitro Rustler's specially-tuned exhaust pipe extracts the maximum horsepower and rpms.

Nitro Rustlers are available professionally assembled and ready-to-run from the factory, with or without the Traxxas Top Qualifier™ radio system. Just add fuel and batteries to the ready-to-run, and you're driving immediately.

If you think you're ready for the most punch ever packed into a single 1/10 scale truck, then Nitro Rustler is for you. Fully assembled, Ready-To-Run™, with TQ™ radio.

• Powerful, 2.5cc, 2.5h.p. Engine 
Maximum Speed 50 mph
• EZ-Start electric starter
• Tuned pipe exhaust system
• Double deck T-6 aluminum and composite chassis
• Magnum 281™ transmission with ball bearings
• Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
• X-tra long, fiber-composite, suspension arms
• Planetary differential with steel gears
• Powerful disc brake
• Telescoping, U-joint driveshafts
• X-tra long, high-volume, oil-filled Ultra Shocks™


Traxxas Nitro Stampede
Retail Price $399.99
Your Price $314.99 + $25 Shipping In USA
Ready to Run with  Remote Control


We call it the Pit Bull of R/C trucks. Pound for pound, Nitro Stampede is the meanest, toughest, most ferocious R/C monster truck ever created. Just fuel it and start it. Nitro Stampede feeds your hunger for brutal, rock-spitting, dirt-chewing horsepower.

It's no wonder that Nitro Stampede was selected by R/C Car Action Magazine as "Truck of the Year." You will be equally impressed with the incredibly high ground clearance; extra-long suspension travel; huge monster tires; and smooth, adjustable oil-filled shocks. There's also a slipper clutch to control traction, a powerful new disk brake, and dual exhaust.

A simple push of a button on the EZ-Start control box, and earth-shaking TRX nitro power comes to life. The all-new 375 Magnum transmission has full ball bearings; larger, stronger gears; easily-adjusted gear ratios; and the legendary metal planetary differential.

Nitro Stampede is built Traxxas Tough, giving you the confidence to tackle extreme terrain that others wouldn't dare touch. Only the best materials are used, such as T-6 aluminum for the chassis, steel for critical gears, and special high-tech composites for the remaining parts.

It's made to handle the torture we know you'll put it through. The ready-to-run Nitro Stampede requires no assembly, so you can be behind the wheel of this awesome powerhouse almost as fast as you can take it out of the box.

Fully assembled, Ready-To-Run™, with TQ™ radio

• Powerful, 2.5cc, 2.5h.p.
• EZ-Start electric starter

• Dual exhaust system
• Double deck T-6 aluminum and composite chassis
• Magnum 375™ transmission with ball bearings
• Adjustable, easy-to-change gear ratios
• Huge monster tires
• Planetary differential with steel gears
• Powerful disc brake
• Telescoping, U-joint driveshaftt
• Maximum Speed 45 + mph
• Telescoping, U-joint driveshaftt
• X-tra long, high-volume, oil-filled Ultra Shocks™


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